Are You Afraid To Quit Your Mundane Job Due To No Financial Security?
Discover How To Generate A Six-Figure A Year 
Cash-Flow Without Being A Part Of The Rat Race
And Achieve Your Ultimate Financial Freedom.
The Application Closes In...
If you are someone who is looking for financial freedom but doesn’t know where to start, then this might be the perfect thing you will stumble upon today. 

Rent-2-Rent, Serviced Accommodation and Deal Sourcing are the proven top-3 strategies to generate a massive cash-flow through property investing. 

The Platinum 1-2-1 Mentorship Programme will give you a step-by-step detailed understanding of the top-3 proven intensive cash flow strategies.

During the 12-month Platinum Programme I will be working with you personally leading you to your true financial freedom.

I will help you create and structure your business in such a way that you will be able to operate from anywhere in the world!

Sounds interesting? Well read on..
Who Is Peter Singh...?
Peter Singh is the CEO of Singh Academy, a property investing mentor who has helped thousands across the UK and Internationally achieve their financial goals through remote property investing. 
Inspired by the success of his own students, he is driven to spread this proven business blueprint to anyone who is interested in achieving true financial freedom

Being a lifestyle entrepreneur I have chosen Bali as my current destination. I work from the beautiful sandy beaches of Bali using just my laptop and internet connection. 

I never meet buyers, agents, sellers. I operate from wherever I want to and have my own flexible timings and currently spend just 4 hours per week on the business (Even that is a choice!)
Our top performing student has been netting £27,000 profit per month all within 34 months of joining the programme.
If you follow through the guided steps of the 1-2-1 mentorship programme then you too can soon generate your six-figure cash flow.

This programme is only for a certain type of individual, one who is ready to take massive consistent action and willing to be coached every step of the way. 
(will you be next?)
Rajiv Gadhvi - CEO of The Property Guy Ltd,
One-On-One Coaching
Here's What You Get...
I understand and respect the uniqueness of each and every person so be rest assured that throughout this mentorship program you will be treated with patience & exclusivity.

Here’s is everything you can expect from this unique program.  
  • Bespoke plan just for you – This is not a group program. It is an exclusive 1-2-1 programme which means the structure of our mentorship is designed exclusively for you, so you can overcome your current challenges and achieve your true financial freedom, whether you are already an investor or working in full-time employment this bespoke mentorship programme will almost certainly change your life forever.
  • 12- months mentorship – The platinum mentorship is spread over 12-months. This will be ample amount of time to fully grasp the strategy, tips & tricks in this unique remote property investing game.
  • Skype support – You will have the liberty to engage in 1-2-1 calls with me twice a month for 30 minutes, so i can help you at every stepping stone to your success where will discuss all challenges, progress and next steps.
  • Previous classes – You will get access to all our previous multi-let success strategy event, workshop & webinar recordings.
  • Ready-to-use – I will supply you with ready-to-use templates to recruit your property managers, virtual assistants, and other team members cost-effectively.
  • Basics – You will be taught in detail parameters affecting the foundation of your business and how you can build a strong foundation to achieve your true financial freedom.
  • Management tips – You will learn the most effective, efficient and proven time management strategies & human resource management skills.
  • Live dealing with agents – Yes, I will show you how it’s done, how to seal the deal with agents live!
  • My directory – you will get access to my group of investors, financial partners, marketing and branding team, and all the top-notch successful property investors to fast track your progress to financial freedom.
  • Unlimited support – I provide you unlimited e-mail support & lifetime Facebook Community Support. Our relationship doesn’t end with the end of this 12-month program as I find that most of my action taking students tend to become good friends and even investment partners.
Still Wondering If This Is For You? Well Let’s Look At How 1-2-1 Can Change Your Life.
Last year I got a call from a guy who had invested thousands of pounds in property investing and business strategies. But he was in tears! He had not received the results he desired.

He joined the platinum mentorship programme in hope of greener grass on the other side, assured with a 100% money back guarantee should he not see the value in the programme within the first 3 months.

Today he has over 14 deals, and is generating a cash-flow of £13,900 monthly! He took matters into his hands and decided to change his life.

I truly believe in giving value to people, and my sole aim here is to help you “empower yourself financially”.

At Singh Academy we treasure relations and value over money. We are a team of entrepreneurs walking our talk and driven toward helping you achieve your true financial freedom. I don’t make promises I can’t keep.

I like to keep things real and expect the same from all my 1-2-1 clients. 

Here’s everything you can expect to be delivered with 100% satisfaction if you qualify to do our 1-2-1 mentorship program.
  • Financial freedom - If you follow the business strategy designed exclusively for you, you will achieve your true financial freedom.
  • Pursue your passion- Once you have established a steady six-figure cash flow you will have the freedom to pursue your true passion.
  • Soulistic Entrepreneur- We all want the freedom to explore everything the world has to offer. But often stuck with our 9-5 job it becomes impossible. You can live anywhere in the world and this business strategy is going to land you with loads of deals when you execute the action steps shared on the programme! I certainly didn’t get to the island of bali without a structured plan, this very approach will be shared with you from day 1!
  • Executable action plan – Don’t get caught up with uneconomic and time-wasting steps. Following the step-wise guide which will lead you to ultimate success.
  • Be a part of my team – Often I find, my top performing students tend to join my team as a way of saying thank you for the massive success they go on to achieve and in doing so unlock further great opportunities as we collectively move forwards in alignment with our greater vision of helping as many people as possible, after all nobody likes getting to the top of that ladder and having nobody to share the success with - We are hungry to reach out, inspire and empower every life we possibly can.
Here’s Who Can Benefit From This Programme
Belief is a powerful emotion. Once you believe you can, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams.

I’ll be honest with you. This is not a joke. Earning over £27,000 net profit per month comes with dedication and seriousness.

If you are going to be a lazy bum and expect others to spoon feed you then this programme is not for you.

Mindset is very important. If you don’t have the right mindset, no property investor can help you.

For me the ideal candidate should possess the following characteristics and if you do not, I am afraid I cannot help you as I only work with those who I believe are ready for the next level.
  • Smart hard work - It’s important that you channelise your energy smartly to optimize your results and make the most of your time. Always remember there is no shortcut to success as this is not a get rich quick scheme!
  • Follow your 1-2-1 personal guide – You must be coachable. Half of your issues will never occur if you simply follow the strategy designed exclusively for you. Our team spends hours on careful analysis to devise the best and most suitable blueprint for you based on a number of factors including your goals, vision, current circumstances, objectives and having helped many students achieve the results you desire i am best placed to be the judge of the best approach to make your dreams a reality.
  • Invest time in your business – Rome was not built in a day, neither your business will be. It’s important you put in at least 10-15 hours a week into your business initially. Once everything is set up I will teach you how to put the whole set up in cruise control.  
  • Take responsibility – You are solely responsible for your business and profits. Remember you no longer work for someone, you work for yourself. The faster, the quicker the results. The smarter the greater the profits. It’s all in your hands.  
  Sound Reasonable? 
How Much Does It Cost? 
My 1-2-1 Mentorship Programme is not cheap and the value provided reflects why. 

This is not for the feint hearted and neither for you if you are not serious about fast tracking your results with someone who has a proven record of building remote businesses.

Whenever I ask my existing 1-2-1 Clients whether the programme is worth what they paid for the usual answer I get is “Of Course, it only takes 1 deal and that is Peter Paid for, if I had to pay 5 times the amount he charged me it is still a great investment as the ROI has been incredible” - of course these students definitely don’t walk away with just one deal but usually achieving 10-20 times the investment of the mentorship within a year.

As mentioned before, i do not work with just anyone on this programme and currently only have 2 spaces remaining on the programme and to qualify for the programme you must complete the 1-2-1 Application Form Here, which is designed to allow me to review whether we are a good fit to work together and whether I believe I can help you. The information provided is further used (if passed), to help bespoke your 1-2-1 Mentorship Proposal to ensure you receive a tailored proposal in alignment with your objectives.

Think in terms of return on you would get in this investment.

Even if you grab one deal per month, it would generate you a cash flow of £800-£1,300 per month. Now multiple that with 12 months, 24 months, and so on…

There is no limit to how much you will make to be honest. Not to mention how quickly you will recover the investment you do in this programme.

Our existing students have anywhere between 8 to 32 deals which is generating them as much as £ 27,000 cash flow per month.

Don’t believe me? See for it yourself below..

Click on apply now and complete the form. And don’t forget to make your 100% refundable deposit. This way we know we are not wasting each others’ time and help to kick out those tyre kicking timewasters!

Looking forward to getting to know you better.

To your continued success
Peter Singh
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